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All services suspended to support early school transport.

Our utmost apologies to all waiting passengers but we have made the decision to divert the fleet to return children from school first, before continuing services. 

Due to the excessively high winds, expected rainfall and falling trees we have informed schools that we will be providing transport from them early than planned.

We now expect rain fall along with further high winds to land with us in Lincs from 1400-1800, making driving conditions for high-sided vehicles 'somewhat strenious'. 

Saftey is paramount to us here at Brylaine. 

We hope that once all student transport is completed we will then be able to continue your key services (IC5/B13/K59/K58/B11/B15/A6/), on or before 5pm by enlisting all fleet single decker vehicles. 

Please bear with us and we thank you for your support & patience.