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Fare Increase 12.11.2018

In view of our continual struggle to keep rural bus services alive, we now find it necessary to undertake a review of our fares structure.

We continue to find that our costs increase whilst our income streams, in particular from local authorities, continue to fall away.

We now have almost no direct financial support for public services and the rates for school contracts, which we have always used to help finance the publics day time services have had no increase in almost 5 years and this pattern is set to continue.

Unfortunately, any tender bid made today in expectation of our running costs in 5 years time are not only impossible to make accurately, but we know would not be 'competatively successful' for the regional council procurement process if we submitted them.

Currently this process would lead to Brylaine to having no contractual commitments to help support local services at all. It's an impossible situation for you and for us. 

We are therefore, looking to lift our fares slightly by 5% from 12th November 2018. This is not something we want to do to rural services but we find ourselves with no other choice.

We hope this does not create inconvenience and we gratefully thank all patrons for your continued support.