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Fare Revision 21/11/2016 Across All Services

Affected services: A1, B13, B15, C19, E35, F41, G53, G61, G63, G68, G70, G76, G78, G79, IC5|InterConnect, IC7|InterConnect, K58, K59

Due to outside influences and changes to our funding streams we have found it necessary to review our pricing structure and implement a fare revision across all our services, this will be effective from 21/11/2016. 

We have constructed a review that supports our rural daily passengers in education, work and family travel by initiating the following changes: 

'Single Fares' will see a rise of 10%.

Whilst 'Return Fares' will see 'No Rise' with many day return fares over longer distances seeing a 'Substantial Reduction'.

'Daily Family Rovers at £12.50' and 'Daily Network Rovers £16.50' will be available Monday - Saturday at anytime for a family of 2 adults and up to 3 children, providing great savings and an easy alternative to using the car.

As always, we here at Brylaine we would like to thank you for your continued patronage and for your support of rural transport services.