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Service Disruption 18th September - 6th October: Boston - Spalding Network.

From the 18th September - 6th October 2017 inclusive: 

G76/G78 - Start at Donington / Quadring / Gosberton we will divert along Belchmire, West Thorpe Road and Cheboule Lane, West Pinchbeck into Spalding.  Expected delay to destination 30 mins each way.

G78/G76 - Start at the Link Road, Farm Shop A152 then to the reservoir / School Crescent / left into Pinchbeck and onto the service route to Spalding. Expected delay to destination 30mins each way.

G79  - Donington / Gosberton (picking up G53 passengers) then divert along West Thorpe Road to West Pinchbeck/Podehole - Normal service to Spalding. Expected delays to destination 30mins each way.

G53 Start at Wyberton with a normal service to Sutterton then divert onto A16 into Surfleet, pick up normal service in Pinchbeck picking up G79 passengers at Pinchbeck Bull. Normal service into Spalding. Expected delays to destination 30mins each way.

G53A Feeder to Stamford. Expect a delay for your service bus through from Spalding to Stamford, please stay in Spalding Bus Station whilst you wait.

B13  Normal service to Sutterton then divert on A16 to Surfleet, with a normal service to Spalding (There is no B13 service in Gosberton throughout the roadwork period

From the 18th Sept - 21st Sept & 29th Sept & 30th Sept 2017.

K59 Will ONLY operate between Boston & Gosberton.  With the exception of: 

0725 Ex Boston - Which will operate as far as Gosberton and then divert back to Donington and along the A52/A17/A16/ A152. This will be delayed by approx 1 hour into schools. 

All parents should be made aware that the return PM from Spalding along the K59 route will terminate at Surfleet. Any passengers wishing to travel beyond surfleet must make other arrangements. 

0745 Ex Donington To Boston School/ College will operate as normal. Return Journeys will terminate at Gosberton, Salem Street

There will be no service along Knight Street in Pinchbeck all passengers should pick up at the Bull or Church and use the B13 service into Spalding or Boston.

We would like to thank all our passengers for their kind support throught this period.