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Skegness Town Service F39 - Cancelled from the 31st December 2016

The F39 Service will be cancelled from the 31st December 2016.

We are of course very disappointed that after 16 years we find that we are no longer able to support this service. 

There are several issues: 

1) Funding 

2) Operational area 

3) Expiry of an Education Contract 

As a service on it's own the F39 has never been financially viable and Brylaine has always underpinned its operating costs by aligning it with Education Services.  We tried very hard this year to realign the F39 to make it self sustaining. We did this by reducing costs, redrafted the route to try and stay out of the summer traffic, we marketed extensively through posters, PR, social media and postal drops, flyering every home and business for support and to inform them of the service operation -  however, it still hasn't seen a significant uplift. 

Every year we've underpinned its running costs by dovetailing with an eduction service contract to support Skegness Town. This has now expired and sadly, we have been unable to secure a further contract or funding from LLC to allow the F39 to continue. 

LCC will be placing their own Call Connect in its place with a limited service and 'on demand' request. 

We're genuinely disappointed that we've been unable to raise support despite our efforts, however - we're sure if we are enabled in the future with a solution that allows us to reinstate the F39, we will endeavour to do this for Skegness residents.