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Update 03.03.2018 Services Running


03.03.3018 Services Operating 

With only a light dusting of snow overnight and with winds dying down we are attempting to run all services as noted below

Please be aware, in the interest of safety - if any issues occur may withdraw or suspend services at short ntice but will keep you updated. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


IC5 Lincoln - Boston        Normal Service

IC7 Skegness - Boston      Not running Stagecoach Wil Operate A Main Road Service

A6  Horncastle - Boston    Normal Service times: BUT Omitting Wood Enderby / Scrivelsby operating via Tumby and Haltham in Horncastle

A8  Horncastle Circular     Normal Service Times: BUT Omitting Kirkby on Bain & Roughton operating via Tumby and Haltham into Hornacstle 

B13  Boston - Spalding      Normal Service 

B11  Spilsby - Boston         Normal Service 

B15  Boston - Woodhall Spa   Normal Service

K59  Boston - Spalding      Normal Service times. BUT Omitting Cherry Holt Lane and Market Way

K58  Kirton - Boston          Normal Service times. BUT Omitting Hardwick Estate & Horseshoe Road. 

G61  Fistoft                        Normal Service times. BUT Omitting Bladdon Estate 

IT1-6   Boston Town          Normal Service times. BUT Omitting Ryder Gardens 

IT1-2  Spalding Town        Normal Service