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Advanced Notice. IC5 Witham Road Closure. Shuttle service in place 18th - 29th Nov 2019

Due to the closure of WITHAM ROAD an alternative shuttle service will operate in support of passengers using the IC5.

Woodhall Spa and Tattershall Thorpe route will operate via a shuttle into Tattershall Market Place from the 18-29th Nov 2019 joining the main service for onward journeys in either direction. 

Martin will be served via the main bus operating from Tattershall via Billinghay operating through Timberland into Martin village, where it will pick-up  near the SCHOOL at the end of MARTIN ROAD (reverse route for services to Boston). Please allow time in the schedule for this. We will not be able to serve Kirkstead Bridge, Martin Straight or Woodhall side of Martin village. 

The shuttle timetable will be posted along the effect part of the route. Please see attched. 

The last 1800 departure from Lincoln which terminates at Coningsby will operate via Tattershall, Woodhall Spa, Tattershall Thorpe and then Coningsby. 

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this causes passengers.