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Lock Down - What Next?


As we enter into Lockdown Number 2 we would like to assure all of our passengers that we will continue to operate your bus services based on the current timetables.


This includes all standard bus services as well as college and school contracts. We will only alter timetables if we are requested to do so by either Lincolnshire County Council or the Dept For Transport in central Government. 

Getting ready for lockdown: Let's stay safe. 
Please continue to follow the guidelines.

1. Wear a face covering (or a visor if you have medical exemptions) carry your exemption card. If you do not wear a visor or mask you will be asked to sit to the rear of the vehicle. This is for your own safety to ensure you come into the least amount of passing contact with other passengers. 
2. Pay by contactless if you can. Smartcards are also available and we still take cash payments.
3. Use the onboard hand sanitiser before taking your seat. 
4. Sit apart if you are not in a unit/bubble.
5. Public transport is safe to use. We clean the vehicles constantly throughout the day and they are 'antibac fogged' every evening. 
6. Stay updated on our Website or Twitter.

If you have any questions please contact us by email on enquiries@brylaine.co.uk or by telephoning 01205 364087. We're happy to help.