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Services Changes in January 2019

Whilst we make every effort to ensure we operate successful rural services, we continue to have a number of very serious obstacles to navigate in 2019.  Primarily these are funding, passenger numbers on daytime and evening services, technology and being legislatively tasked with overcoming increasing traffic congestion and slower traffic speeds, around busier areas. 

Because of the above reasons we will be altering a number of services in January 2019. We understand change is unsettling and it can be inconvenient to passengers, we only make changes to ensure network stability so we can continue to operate your rural services.

If you have any concerns surrounding the changes, or if any of the changes to our services effect your ability to access public transport then please contact us directly at: enquiries@brylaine.co.uk 

Effected services. 

Spalding Town IT1&2,  What is changing: The town service will operate from 0745 - 1545 (we are waiting for a response from LCC to understand if they are able to support later services up until 1730) When is it changing 02.01.2019. Why is it changing: To create a better timetable and provide a 1/2 hourly service. The route has altered slightly based on passenger demand and in an effort to return the service to every 1/2 hour. We have also taken into account  issues we continually face with on-street parking to maintain timings we have removed the service from Thames Road and Monkhouse Lane (alternative route Hannam Blvrd). Passengers can board respectively at Acacia Avenue. Please click here for your 2019 timetable. 


Boston Town IT1-6,  What is changing  IT1&2 will be unchanged,  IT 5&6 will not serve Rider Gardens, IT3&4 is being cancelled. When is it changing. 02.01.2019. Why is it changing:  IT5&6 is so we can better meet the timetable and provide a more sustainable service. The route has altered slightly based on passenger demand. Please click here for your 2019 timetable.  Boston Town IT3&4 is being cancelled to due low passenger ridership, we have diverted the A6 Horncastle - Boston to ensure those who do need transport have access to a service. Please click for the timetable.


A6 Horncastle-Boston What is changing: The route into Boston and the 1045 Ex Boston will now depart at 1050 When is it changing 02.01.2019 Why is it changing: The route into Boston is being diverted via Tattershall Road, Robin Hoods Walk, Tawney Street, Foster Street and Boston Bus Station to support the terminated Boston Town IT3&4 service. Please click here for your timetable. 


IC5 Lincoln-Boston What is changing: The 1700 Ex Lincoln will continue through to Boston, the 1800 ex Lincoln will terminate at Coningsby. When is it changing 02.01.2019. Why is it changing Passenger numbers past Coningsby on the 1800 service from Lincoln are very low, in order to support the service we are hoping that by taking the 1700 from Lincoln all the way through to Boston we can offer more people who may well be working in the Woodhall, Coningsby, Tattershall area a better return from work time along the main route. Please click here for your timetable.


IC7 Skegness - BostonWhat is changing 1610 Ex Boston and the1650 Ex Skegness will no longer operate. When is it changing: 02.01.2019. Why is it changing: Reducing passenger numbers, traffic issues at both end of the journey, especially during Spring - Summer -Autumn this causes passenger displacement. The service provision in place on this multi operator route means these times are not required. Please click here for your timetable.


G61 Boston - Fishtoft What is changing The service will commence in Fishtoft village at 08:45 operating half hourly services from Wide Bargate Interchange until 14:15. When is it changing 02.01.2019 Why is it changing: Passenger numbers on Saturdays and during school holidays are too low to accommodate operating the 1515 and 1545 departures from the Interchange. Please click here for your timetable


G73 Horncastle - Wickenby: What is changing We will no longer be operating this contract for Lincolnshire County Council - from Jan 2019 it will be undertaken by Hunts Coaches of Alford.  


K59 Boston - Spalding What is changing The 1755 Ex Spalding to Donnington will no longer operate. When is it changing 02.01.2019 Why is it changing: Reduced passenger numbers means this is no longer a sustainable service to operate, the last bus from Spalding on the K59 route will be 1715. Please click here for your timetable.


Whilst we hope to reach everyone and keep them informed - ensuring it is difficult especially if passengers are infrequent travellers. We would ask for your support to ensure everyone is made aware, especially the young, elderly, infirm or those with disabilities. 

Whilst notices will be placed on all vehicles, on tickets, at key locations across each route along with digital and social media notifications - some people may not get the message, please support your fellow passengers and if your travelling on one of the effected routes and know someone else who uses it, please let them know.

Finally, we just wanted to say thank you for your kind support and patronage in 2018 and we look forward to serving Lincolnshires local communities in 2019.

Team Brylaine