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Smart cards

Be Smart and Join Today! SMART card benefits may include:

  • Concessionary prices
  • Special events and promotions
  • Updates and news

For £4.50 you can buy your card on the bus from the driver or order it online to receive it by post within 5 working days. Then you simply add your credit and you're free to use it on any Brylaine Bus Service. It's great for work, college, apprenticeships and school - you can also buy multiple tickets with it for friends and family using the same service with you.

Why be smart?

Top-UP Smart cards are essentially a development of the credit card the same size and shape, and made out of plastic. They remove the need for passengers to carry the exact fares or the daily change.

Why now?

Smart cards are part of the move both nationally and internationally to enable people to access more services and information electronically, easily and soon more cost effectively.

Going smart with Brylaine

Brylaine has taken up the smart challenge - with the Smart Card enabling the replacement of cash fares for those who want an easier fuss free life of bus travel. Future proposals may also see the Smart Card used to access other services so your views on possible options would be really welcomed.

Holders of a Smart Card will be at the forefront of an innovative scheme in rural transport, so your support and that of others in your family will be most welcomed.